A DES LED Lighting Solution Will Save Your Business Money

At Direct Energy Solutions, we provide LED lighting solutions for businesses that are guaranteed to save you money through energy savings, maintenance costs while also increasing productivity with a return on investment of 15%-30% per annum.

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Book an Energy Saving Assessment

Hello New Zealanders,

Covid has changed the way that we do business but has not stopped it. The DES team continues to happily provide you with essential services while making sure all governmental guidelines and health and safety practices are in place and practiced in all levels of Covid-19 to keep everyone safe and protected.
Stay safe everyone.

LED Lighting Solutions Will Save You Money

With a DES lighting solution, you are guaranteed to save money from day one. In fact, our equivalent investment return (EIR) is typically between 15-30% per annum, and the savings will make most investments cash-positive within 5 years. Very few investments offer such a high EIR, which is why a LED lighting solution is a must-have for businesses across New Zealand.

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If you want to know how much money you can save with a solution from DES, book an energy saving assessment today. You’ll also get a no-obligation quote.

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How Does It Work?

Our process is simple. We’ll visit your premises to conduct an energy saving assessment, which will tell us how much money we can save you. From there, we will plan a LED lighting solution for your business, and our team of Master Electricians will install it. It’s as simple as that.

We understand that building modifications can be disruptive, which is why we will always fit around you and your business – minimising the disruption and maximising your savings. Our installations are fast and easy, and we’ll fit in with your schedule.

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Increase Your Production and Business Efficiency

Our clients tell us that their new LED lights have increased their business’ production and overall efficiency, simply because their rooms are now much brighter. As a result, their staff can see better and feel less drowsy at work, increasing their efficiency and safety.

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Reduce Your Health and Safety Risks

Keeping your employees and contractors safe is imperative to running a successful business. Unlike traditional lighting, our LED lighting solutions do not contain glass or mercury, which significantly reduces the H&S risks if something goes wrong.

Our lighting solutions also increase the amount of light in your rooms and warehouses, reducing the chances of accidents in the workplace.

Energy Saving Schools Program

We provide bright, energy-efficient and long-life LED Lighting (up to 75,000 hours) to schools across New Zealand, increasing the productivity of teachers and students (please check our testimonials). We’ve had feedback from both teachers and students stating that the new, bright LED lights have had a dramatic impact on their teaching and learning environments. Our Energy Saving Schools Program, follows the Ministry of Education’s recommended lighting standards. (Ask us about financial assistance for your school.)

Our LED upgrade also cuts down on carbon emissions in schools significantly which is a step towards what students are demanding globally by taking actions towards climate change. (Link: Thousands of students protest against climate change around the world)

Reduce Your Business’ Environmental Impact

When you increase your energy savings, you reduce your carbon footprint and have a positive impact on our environment.

Our energy saving solutions work towards the Paris Agreement, which is the new global agreement on climate change. This agreement commits New Zealand to take action on climate change post-2020.

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Our clients benefit from the improvements we make to their properties by reducing their energy bills, maintenance costs, and carbon footprint.

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We’ll visit your business to assess how much energy you can save, and in turn how much money you will save.

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